Under Extracurricular Pressure…But Just The Right Amount

I am already two weeks into my second semester of my junior year, and life is feeling a bit surreal. Watching the new students arrive on campus and overhearing questions I remember asking when I was a first year makes me realize how many years I’ve been at school already. I know what classes are good, which professors are interesting, the fastest way to get between buildings and how to get involved.

A lot of the time all people talk about is how they are involved in this club, and that club, and that other club. The school encourages getting involved but I have heard horror stories from people about being TOO involved.  Throughout my past two and half years, I have learned what the balance of being too involved and involved just enough is. I meet people who seem to know everyone on campus, and only when walking around with other friends do I realize I am not so far off from that point myself.

After getting heavily involved in three clubs, I have met a wide variety of people, have had life changing experiences and created many different memories. College is a time to embrace being away from your parents and experience things you probably won’t once you are finished with school. Being a part of so many clubs has given me unique experiences and promise to give me many more. I appreciate everything being a club leader has taught me.

Being a club leader is teaching me new skills to use daily. I have learned that dealing with difficult people can be a regular occurrence but patience and understanding is truly a virtue worth having. I have learned when conflicts arise, you need to deal with them head-on and make sure the result is in the best interest of all parties. I have learned to live my life with these beliefs and it has fared well so far. Now I just need to wait until my stress level gets too high to deal with and I crack under the pressure.  My ultimate goal is to avoid that, and so far it’s been working out for me.

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