Snow Days are for Fun and Recuperating

Two days ago, my roommates and I constantly checked the weather in anticipation and hope of a snow day. One of them talked about sledding, another wanted to build a snowman (cue Frozen soundtrack), and I was just hoping for time to sleep away my oncoming sickness. As I watched the snow fall steadily outside my window the next morning, ate cookies and drank tea, I was very grateful for the day off.

Snow days are one (of the many) reasons I look forward to being a teacher, that and summer vacation.  When you are a teacher, those days exist.  You get to experience the joy of hearing that school is cancelled and can spend the days in pajamas doing nothing.  Snow days are when you can become a kid again and play in the snow, sleep late and watch TV all day with no shame.

In college, that feeling is similar. We can sleep late, don’t have to walk between classes, have a day off to do whatever we want, and if it so pleases you, play in the snow and remember what it was like when we were kids. My choice: sleep, get better, eat some baked goods and eventually find the strength to go outside and shovel my car out.

Now, a day after the snow day, I am feeling somewhat better and successfully trekked through the sidewalks covered in mounds of snow and ice to and from campus. I’m hoping that after one more day of relaxing, drinking water and sleeping I will be able to jump back on the workout wagon. Here’s to hoping with the power of tea, water, chicken soup and sleep I will be 100% by the end of this weekend. Fingers crossed.

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