Four Steps to a New, Healthier Routine

27 days until Liquid Latex. That means I have 27 days to get in better shape and the only way I am going to do that is to make adjustments to my routine. I am going to start adding proteins and vegetables to meals and cutting unhealthy snacks from my diet. Workouts will be happening more frequently.  Homework won’t be done last minute all the time. I will actually get sleep.

I have always been terrible at managing my own diet and maintaining healthy eating habits. It’s been hard for me since freshman year. Moving off campus has made it easier to eat healthy food, but I’m still struggling. The first step is to go grocery shopping and buy things I know are good for me, and actually use them. I know I need to go to Whole Foods, but before I do that I need to go through my fridge and the food I already have and reassess. That will be the first step.

I am going to add in more cardio and get up earlier.  I really liked my seven or eight AM workouts.  I am going back to them; my goal is to hit the treadmill each morning and actually use the 7 minute workout app I downloaded. Seeing my trainer and playing tennis will be bonus workouts but I need to start pushing myself more. I have the motivation, so I am going to run with it, literally. The exercise is the second step.

The third step is actually cracking down on homework.  The procrastination needs to stop and more time needs to be spent on my work. I’m aiming to get readings and papers done ahead of time, and get more on top of things. This will help me get to bed earlier and help with the last step: sleep.  I need to start getting sleep, or at least fall into a regular sleeping schedule. I’m tired of nights where I am exhausted at 9 PM and nights when I am up until two in the morning for no clear reason.

These things are not unrealistic, and these changes are happening for what I see as a very important reason: I need to make adjustments so I am happier overall, and these four ways have been proven to work.

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