Discouraged and In Pain

When I first started my aerial class, I really wanted to be good. I knew going into it I would not succeed at first and would have to be patient. As the weeks have progressed, I’ve discovered a few things: making up what you missed is not so easy and maybe my body isn’t built for aerial.

Between early travels home due to snow, car issues and sickness, I’ve fallen behind in what we are learning. I can only successfully get myself into the different positions on my own every so often. The feeling of your hamstrings and upper arm muscles pulling is a very painful sensation.

I’m used to muscle soreness.  Thanks to my motivation to get as fit as possible by Liquid Latex, I’ve started walking like a penguin because of my hard workouts. I can tolerate that; I know how to fix it. What I don’t know how to fix is a pulled muscle.

The muscle pain I felt last time is not something I want to replicate. Thursday’s class last week was one struggle after another and I’ve hit the point of discouragement. I don’t do this often, but sometimes, I need to listen to my body and say it’s time to stop. One part of me hates doing this; I don’t like knowing I’ve given up. I really wanted to be able to walk out of this class at the end being able to do most of what we learned on my own.  Now, I don’t know if that will happen. The other part of me knows I should stop before I seriously injure myself.

I have a decision to make: whether I stop going altogether before I get hurt or see if I can get somewhere and pick up one or two things before the class ends.

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