When Life Gives You Lemonade…Drink It

I learned at a fairly young age, young being eighth or ninth grade, that when life gives you opportunities, taking them doesn’t make you a bad person. For the longest time, I would be hesitant to take opportunities given to me with the fear that someone would resent me for it. It took a lot of convincing on my parents’ part that going after something you want is not a crime.

I’ve lived by this mentality since the idea finally sunk in. I learned when your parents interject, it doesn’t mean you are spoiled; it means that you have parents who are so supportive they will do anything they can to help. Since then, there are few opportunities I have turned down, some not by choice, application processes are not always in my favor. Those I have been fortunate enough to be offered, I jumped at.

A few weeks ago, after meeting with the senior vice president of our school, I was given a unique offer. I was asked to assist him in reorganizing our school’s Jewish life and its presence on campus. I was nothing but honored. If this had been me years ago, I would have turned it down because of the fear of others’ resentment. I’ve learned something else in these past few years: when you have the right friends, they will be supportive and happy for you. The wrong types of friends to have are those that resent, are jealous of you and unhappy for you.

I am excited about this possibility and the undying support from my friends and family further encouraged me to go after what I want. I’ve learned to not be nervous if someone else will be unhappy.  That is probably a given, but there are things I can’t let bother me. and that is one of them, not when such an amazing opportunity is waiting for me.

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