Grocery Shopping Gluten Free: No Longer A Struggle

I’ve started thinking about grocery shopping as a new adventure: what can I find and how can I make into a meal? From when I was a child, I thought food shopping was the most mundane activity. Now that I am gluten free and am forced to go grocery shopping almost twice a week, on a good week, I am learning to like it.

There is something about going to Whole Foods that I have learned to enjoy. The vegetable and fruit aisle is the one aisle that I can usually find a new ingredient or a new thing to add to my diet. I have vowed to buy different foods and then experiment how I cook them.

I really enjoy making shopping lists before I leave the house and then seeing the satisfaction of having everything crossed off my list. I’m not sure if that comes from my obsession for lists or from the orderliness I get when I shop with one. The times that I forget to make a list, the shopping takes at least 15 minutes longer because I have to come up with the list in my mind. A lot of what I eat is consistently the same, but with no list, I will come home with extra chocolate I didn’t need or some new cool gluten free snack.

Going gluten free has given me an attitude adjustment about a lot of things: it’s allowed me to try new foods, actually end up liking them and it has made me tolerate, almost like going grocery shopping.

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