Time for Rest and Relaxation

It’s finally Spring Break! With an early departure from campus, I played hooky and went to Arizona for an extra weekend before Passover started. I am so excited to be able to sit in the sun for a straight week, enjoy the company of my family, and catch up on sleep. I have been so sleep deprived recently, this break could not have come at a better time.

I’m ignoring the fact that once we get back we will have less than a week of classes and then finals start. A good chunk of this break will consist of me writing papers and finishing up any last homework assignments. At least I get to do it in a warm desert. On a positive note, if I finish them, my last weekend will be much more relaxing.  All I’ll have to do is edit them. It should have been done before last Sunday, but of course it didn’t. Now I have to balance work with spending time with the mass amount of family members here.

My cousins from New Jersey, cousins from California and my sisters and their families are all here. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but those groups alone add up to 17 plus people. Add in my sister’s mother in-law, it’s a large group. I’m excited, but it’s been a little overwhelming. Finding “me” time has been hard, but it has kept me from losing my mind. The only saving grace was having gone gluten free.

During Passover, we are not supposed to eat any wheat products and we eat matza, unleavened bread, as a substitute.  Fortunately, I don’t particularly enjoy it, so I won’t have to miss it too much. I stopped craving bread products.  Usually, the hardest part is missing pasta and pizza but that hasn’t been a problem in weeks. I also know I will be able to maintain what has been a pretty healthy diet so far. Going back home and cooking for myself will probably be the biggest challenge.

I am excited to have a week away. I can actually pamper myself a bit. I might get a facial, maybe a massage, get my nails done and get my hair straightened. I definitely need a massage, between the hours I’ve been working out and the hours I’ve spent sitting in front of a computer, everything is so bent out of shape. This vacation is so necessary and so far, it has been everything I have needed, if not more. The best part: I get to come back nice and tan.

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