Time Flies

Brandeis released classes for the Fall 2014 semester. This will be my last semester before I begin Student Teaching and the first semester of my senior year. I have no clue where college went, but last I remember I was panicking over which classes I would be taking first semester my freshman year.

It blows my mind how fast it has gone. I realize how many classes I’ve taken and how many I wanted to but haven’t.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my education and English classes but there are so many different options Brandeis offers that I haven’t taken yet and won’t have a chance to.  Overall though, not withstanding the lack of subject diversity, I feel pretty blessed. I’ve had a chance to take some really amazing classes, meet some great friends and have learned some really valuable lessons.

With this semester coming to a close, my calendar is finally getting a little less hectic and the end is in sight. On the 28th I will be finished with the majority of my finals and can enjoy the summer, after I attempt to conquer the general curriculum MTEL and math, again. I have my schedule lined up for next semester all ready, I have my placement for Student Teaching, and am excited for my new adventures I will have.

I worry slightly I might be overextending myself for next semester. I applied to join another committee, will be on board for Liquid Latex and a campus collaborator for Her Campus. One of the graduating education seniors said to me a few weeks ago that the way to stay present on campus while you are student teaching is to get more involved. I guess that makes sense, and maybe it’s a bit crazy on my part, but I know I can handle it. Besides, I kind of want to leave college with a bang.

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