Gearing Up For Summer

As finals end, that means that it’s almost summer vacation. I have learned to love the fact that my summer starts in May and ends in August. That extra month gives a new meaning to relaxing and has opened up so many doors. In the past, we have gone on trips to Europe or Asia. Once again, that is the plan for this year. From the end of May to early June we will be going to London, Israel and then Greece. I could not be more excited and can’t wait to take what should be an amazing adventure.

The thing I love most about having that extra month: more time to workout and play tennis. Every summer I kick myself into gear and end up in amazing shape. Last summer, after playing tennis five days a week and working out every other day, I was tan, slim, toned and feeling great. I can’t wait to do that again this summer. As soon as we get to Cape Cod I am going to start playing tennis and working with my trainer right away. Every summer I talk about getting a job and earning a little extra spending money for myself. In the end, relaxing always wins.

If I do end up getting a job this summer, it’s going to be at the same place I play tennis and work out and with the same people I hang out with every summer. That is the only job that would really interest me after months of school and a serious lack of sleep. After finding out the tennis staff will be the same this summer, I am even more excited to get there. I will need this relaxation and time for myself. I might have friends come and visit, but right now the only solid plans are to play tennis a lot, work out, relax and have fun and sleep. I think I deserve the break.

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