World Traveler

For the past few years after school has finished, I have been fortunate enough to travel with my parents to amazing new places. Last year, we ventured to Japan for two weeks, a place my Mom and I had both been very eager to visit. This year we are spending three and a half weeks going to London, Israel and Greece. Our adventure began last night when we landed at Heathrow.


While I have been to London before, going when I am 21 years old will probably be very different. Hopefully I will have more tolerance for the museums and less desire to see the tourist destinations. The only exception of this will be the London Eye. We did not do this the last time because I was still unwilling to challenge my serious fear of heights. This year, I am very anxious to see it. My photographer side is pushing me to do it, even if the heights will probably, most definitely freak me out.

Since I’ve started becoming more familiar with my Nikon SLR camera, I now choose where I want to go by how pretty and photogenic it is. After seeing thousands, and I mean thousands, of pictures from my friends who were studying abroad in London or visited there from other countries in Europe while abroad, I have deemed London very photographic.

This also fueled my interest to go to Greece. For the longest time I have loved watching movies set there and looking at pictures. Now that the riots have finally calmed down and my dad decided it is safe, we are going. I am beyond excited. We will see the typical things like the Acropolis in Athens but most of our time will be spent on one of the islands there purely relaxing, walking around, and talking pictures of the gorgeous views.

I haven’t been back to Israel in years – putting Israel between London and Greece made a lot of sense for us because of the travel time. It is around five hours from London to Greece and then two from Israel to Greece. The longest flight will be our flight from Athens back to Boston at the end of the trip. This is a major blessing since any flight over 10 hours immediately raises my anxiety level. I am so excited to explore some very familiar places, learn all about Greece and their culture and get to explore London again from a more mature viewpoint.

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