Jet Lag Adventures

With every trip somewhere other than the East Coast, there comes a time change, which inevitably causes jet lag. So far, the first two days in London have been rough.  Not going to bed until 4 AM on the first night then waking up at 4 AM on the second day makes for a very interesting time during the day. At least I was productive in the early morning when I woke up.

Hopefully, I’ll catch up on some of the missed sleep on the car ride out to Oxford later this morning. Now that we are skipping the train, I will have a slightly longer ride, which hopefully will help me sleep some more so I am not exhausted once we get there. I need some energy for today and tonight when I see Mathew and hang out with him there.

What is going to be most interesting in these next few weeks as we travel from country to country is the time difference. They aren’t going to be all that drastic, Israel is just two hours ahead of London so that won’t be too terrible.  Once I’m back in Boston, however, I am going to be very confused for a little bit. I will probably need some caffeine at some point today. The real question is do I venture out myself to get it earlier, decisions, decisions.

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