A Casual Saturday

Once we were back in Sloane Square, I set out with my dad to find a warmer sweater. I was totally unprepared for how cold it would actually be here – who knew it would still be below 65? We also went to look at a fitness center we were given the name of. It Turns out this place is totally sketchy and not worth the ten pounds per day even though I have not worked out in almost a week and I’m getting desperate.  The sweater excursion, however, was very successful. It’s a good thing too since the temperature dropped to fifty degrees by 3:30.

Once dad and I met up with mom, we explored this wicked cute outdoor market that was right near The Duke of York Square. There were vendors with prepared food, baked goods, jams, champagne, honey plus much more. The smells coming from the Brazilian stall was amazing and we saw the biggest cast iron skillet we had ever seen. All three of us got some falafel from one of the vendors and sat outside, enjoying the few moments of sun between what had been a primarily rainy day. There was the most delicious gluten free tropical fruit rum cake at one station. It was a nice treat considering I’ve been dessert free for the most part.

photo 1-2One of the champagne companies set up a bunch of cool artistic beach chairs and two swings with champagne bottles wedged into the trestles. It seemed like someone else was sitting down to take a picture every time I looked up. I obviously had to follow suit and do the same. It was just too beautiful to not take a picture there. The sun did not last much longer after that so we took cover from the downpour in the Saatchi Museum, the free admission modern art museum, along with the rest of Sloane Square.

photo 4-2

photo 2-2

While walking around the museum I felt like I was back in the Rose Museum. One collection I thought very cool was one that Google+ had helped set up. It was a collection of motion images. There were screens throughout the room with images taken in succession and then put together to create an animation of those images. It so different from the other pieces of work throughout the museum and being the photography buff it was right up my alley!  I could totally see that as a project in some second life of mine.

photo 3-2

After a homemade risotto in our small kitchen, an old high school friend, who is studying abroad, and I met up to catch up. It’s been almost two years since we’ve seen each other but it was like we were never apart. While he ate a delicious looking pizza, I enjoyed a cappuccino. England knows how to make a mean cappuccino. We chatted about his life at Cornell, abroad and my life at Brandeis. Being able to catch up with friends who I had not seen in a while has been a great surprise of this trip so far. Like I said, the moments you wouldn’t expect to happen are the best ones.

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