“Frozen” According to a 21 Year-Old Disney Child

Disney’s most recent animated movie, “Frozen”, came out a few months ago and it has been all my friends and the children I teach can talk about. It has also quickly become my new favorite animated movie, with The Lego Movie a close second. This is one of the things that happen when you are a teacher to young kids: you start to hear about the movies they are watching and have to watch them so you can understand what they talk about in school. It’s a tough life.

I am a total fan of “Frozen”. From the well thought out characters, the plot, the plot twist that shows major girl power, the setting, the message it gives off to people who watch it and of course the music, it is a perfect movie for all ages. The fact that I can recite the movie by heart at this point may be a sign that I’ve seen it once too many times, or maybe three times too many, but I keep on finding new things every time I do. I get a better understanding for what the songs are saying, notice new character traits, new things about how they set up the structure of the movie and start to look at it in a more critical manner, while singing along with hand motions, of course.

The next best thing to the movie is the various parodies that have been released and videos people have done with bits and pieces of it. My top three favorites I have seen on YouTube are “Let It Go” Multi-Language, Kids React to “Let It Go” Multi-Language, and the parody “Do You Want to Hide a Body”. These three videos are so well done and play off the original film in ways that are timeless and are videos you can re-watch again and again. “Frozen” will most definitely be my favorite animated Disney movie for a long time.

Do You Want to Hide a Body

“Let It Go” Multi-language 

Kids React to “Let It Go” Multi-language 


One thought on ““Frozen” According to a 21 Year-Old Disney Child

  1. I only watched Frozen and I love the song “Let It Go”. I will forever and always be a lover of Disney/Pixar and this was a good movie. I really like the multi language one they have. It’s crazy that they can get everything to sound the same without any problems

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