Big Vacation Blow-Out

When I was told to plan to travel exclusively with a carry-on, I knew I wouldn’t be able to bring my hair products with me. Since I have that type of curly hair that needs product or needs to be straightened to stay in good shape, my mom and I opted for keeping our hair straight. So far, we’ve been to a place in Boston, London and two in Israel.

DryBar in Boston was wonderful as always. You can always rely on them to spend the time on your hair and make sure it looks good when you leave. I also know it is a quality blow-out when it can last past a few hours. My hair is really difficult to work with. It’s a pain in the neck. I knew once we left Boston it would get trickier.  DryBar hasn’t expanded to Europe yet so we would need to find places everywhere we went.

London wasn’t too terrible. We went to a salon called Toni and Guy, which was around the corner from us. Even though I ended up waiting almost 30 minutes, the blow-out was almost as good as DryBar’s! I am bummed that Toni and Guy apparently doesn’t exist in Israel because we have had less than successful luck here. Thank god for the iron I brought with me because without it, my hair wouldn’t have lasted as long as it has between blowouts.

The salon at the hotel did my hair in maybe 25 minutes. I have never seen that happen. My hair is so thick and long that it takes minimum 45 minutes on a good day. Needless to say, I needed to do a lot of repair work the next day. When my mom and I were figuring out where to go for the next blowout we looked all over Google. We found a salon while out walking and decided to try that place next. It became clear that Israeli’s, or at least salons in Jerusalem don’t get curly hair.

Our new game plan for Greece is to keep our hair curly. I am hoping that they have a good product and I’ll keep it natural for some part of it. It will be the first time it’s curly since before my niece’s bat mitzvah. My hair has hit the point that it is such a mess and once we get back to Boston, I definitely need a trim. With all the dead ends, uneven levels, my hair iron and salons all over the world, it’s been a long adventure.


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