Power Monday #47 The Gluten-Free Community

Absolutely amazing source of information for all of my fellow gluten-free eaters! I can’t wait to check these out!

Strength and Sunshine

Really I can not belive it is June! June is the greatest month in my opinion. My birthday, graduation, my blogerversary, summer, warm sunny weather, the time to start over new and fresh. When I think of June, I just think of beautiful things. Bright orange and yellow, sunshine, happiness. But before I start on this month of joy, I wanted to do a final post to close out Celiac Awareness Month.

Power Monday Gluten-Free

The Celiac and Gluten-Free community is one strong unbreakable force. We support, educate, laugh, create delicious food, and make our situation as positive as possible. We simply are Gluten-Free Warriors. Before my Celiac Disease, I would only sporadically go on food blogs to feed my cooking love and hobby. Once i went gluten-free though, my blog reading really took off. The first gluten-free blogger I ever read was the Gluten-Free Girl and The Chef. Shauna’s…

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