The Crazy World of High School Relationships (1 of 3)

The worst thing a teenage girl can experience in high school, or any social setting is losing a friend or significant other. I one-upped that experience by losing five in one fell swoop. First, some background information about myself: I was never the best at reaching out to people in elementary school. I am, at first introduction, very shy and withdrawn. I like to observe and a lot of people don’t really understand that right away. There is a reason I am such a good writer: when I sit in coffee shops and look out the window, am flying on a plane, watching other drivers on the highway or watch people walk around campus I make up stories about their lives. I love people watching and I am good at it because I am shy.

Once I was preparing for high school I told myself I would have to be more open to meeting people and become more social with kids in my grade. I was successful in the sense that I became friends with new people and eventually had a nice little group of friends going. It was the first time in a while I felt confident in these relationships I built up and enjoyed my freshman year, which I had anticipated to be socially challenging for me.

My group of friends and I were in a lot of the same classes and eventually it became known that we were attached to each other. It was nice to be recognized as someone having a lot of friends. Now, looking back as a rising college senior, I think about my earlier post where I talked about what “friend” means and how it’s overused. I wish I had known this when I was 14 years old, but honestly, who knows everything they need to when they are that young?

I still think about my experiences freshman year and how naïve I was about practically everything that happens in high school. This is just the start to a long-winded story of high school immaturity, naiveté, and growing up. Throughout three posts I will talk about the things you don’t know going into high school but need to remember. I want to find a way for rising high school freshman to avoid the hurt I went through.

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2 thoughts on “The Crazy World of High School Relationships (1 of 3)

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