Should We Walk or Take A Cab?

“I think we should take a cab back to the hotel.”

“Why? It will take at least five minutes longer than just walking. Also,I get so nauseous in the cabs. It’s like the cabbies here don’t know how to drive. They start, stop, then repeat. It’s horrible. We are walking.”

“If we walk we are going to get lost. We have no clue where we are, and all the street signs are in Greek. Do you know Greek? I sure don’t.”

“We won’t get lost. We have a map, our phones and I actually have a good sense of direction. We’ll be fine. Let’s just walk back to the hotel. It only took us 10 minutes coming here.”

“Yeah? you seem really sure about that. I think we should just take a cab. It will be less confusing and it’s really warm out already.”

“You forget that these cab drivers don’t know english. I don’t know how you expect to tell them where to go.”

“Show them the map, everyone understands maps.”

“You’re kidding, right? If they can understand a map with english writing from the hotel, then we can understand Greek symbols and names that match up with the map. It won’t be that hard and I won’t get nauseous.”

“Fine, you win. Tell us where to go then. Right or left?”

“Right, we came from the left when we were coming here so we make a right. Deductive reasoning, see? This won’t be so hard.”

“Whatever you say. Let’s go and see where it takes us.”

“Hmm, I don’t remember this store, or that one.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to take a cab?”

“We’re walking. Let’s try going left.”

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