Father’s Day: Here’s To The Role Models In Our Lives

After celebrating Father’s Day with my dad and family, I can’t help but appreciate everything he does for me. Something I was taught by my parents, especially my dad, pretty early on was to appreciate it when people are there for you and tell them so. In theory, that is probably why father’s day is what it is. It is a day for kids and families to appreciate everything their dads do for them.

I have been fortunate enough to have my dad around my entire life and always be a support block for me. I have friends and know of people who either did not have their fathers around a lot of grew up without one. I can’t imagine for one minute what that must be like and I know those people are so strong and have other amazing role models. The most amazing thing about my dad is that he is a constant cheerleader for me and my sisters.

My sisters, especially my oldest one, has some crazy ideas but instead of my dad shooting them down and not being there for her, he constantly supports her. I only wish that when I have my own kids he will be an equally amazing grandfather to them as he is to my six nieces and nephews. I only have just started to understand how much pressure is on him and how much he does for everyone. My dad is a pretty awesome person and I am so thankful for him and everything he has done for me.

I feel fortunate that I have had opportunities to take trips with him, spend quality time with him and really be able to connect with him on multiple levels throughout my 21 years. There will always be moments engrained in my mind that I want my future husband to do for my children. My dad shows me a model I want for my future husband and family. I want someone who is willing to read Harry Potter at night, even re-reading if they fell asleep mid-way. I want a husband who wants to sit down and read to my kids and makes an effort to spend time with them. I want someone who won’t care if they have to fall asleep in my kids’s beds until two in the morning just so my kids can feel comfortable sleeping there. I want someone who makes an effort to go out with my kids and really cares about their lives.

I have heard stories from my dad about how hard he worked to get where he is and I can tell how much he cares about our family. He has so much love for me, my sisters, his sister and her kids and his brother . It is in part thanks to him that our family is so close with each other. He is a role model for what a healthy relationship looks like. He and my mom have been together for forty years as of tomorrow and their relationship shows me everything I want in my own. I can see how much work goes into a strong marriage and how strong a bond they have with each other. I have heard fights but they always make up with each other and it shows me once again how stable they are and what it means to be in a healthy relationship.

I am so thankful for everything my dad has taught me and everything he has shown me. He has become an inspiration for me to shoot for my dreams and go for what I want. He has shown me hard work and connections makes you go places. He has shown me what it means to be an awesome dad and role model and I could not be more thankful for that. So, for all those fathers and role models out there who inspire their children daily, thank you for everything and here’s to you!



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