The Next and Final Destination

Now that we are back in Boston we are finally headed to our last and final destination, the Cape. I am very excited to get there and settle into one place for a while. There is something really beautiful about where we are located and how I spend my days. Being at the Cape means I can spend the time relaxing, playing tennis and working out. It will be a lot of fun once I get there.

All of the bags we ended up bringing, and there were a lot, went to the Cape earlier than me and my mom. I am excited to start this summer off already in shape. Usually, I end up taking a month to adjust to playing tennis and getting back into shape. Instead, since I’ve been working out and consistent with my exercise it will be a lot easier to jump into a routine. I have to keep reminding myself that waking up at 6:30 isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I have to be up that early for my tennis lessons.

Having time with just my mom and dad at the Cape and then alternating weekends with the whole family is a huge blessing. It can get hectic but the slow adjustment to the larger group will be a nice way to transition into what is going to be a great summer. My plans for this summer are the following: work on graduate school applications, swim, exercise, relax and write. All of these things have to get done and doing it when I am relaxed will make the quality of the things I do better. It’s just the way I work. I am also planning on getting sleep.

It is going to be a very busy upcoming school year. I can already see that and it’s June. I am sensing I am going to need to store up on sleep and put it in a box for next year. I think I am still a little sleep deprived from the large amount of traveling we did and the constant early wake-ups. The beauty of going to the Cape is I can unpack for more than a week and do the activities I love doing and find new ones. We have a grand plan of making a newsletter based off the one we got in Santorini. Thanks to that, we are finding a lot of cool new activities near our house we had never heard about.

What might be the best thing about being on the Cape instead of in Boston is the temperature difference. In Boston today it is in the 90’s and here it is only in the 80’s. While it is still arguably very warm, and the humidity doesn’t help with the temperature, it is a nice difference. I couldn’t feel the difference when I was on the court this morning and clearly it was warm because I have a new tan line from my top but it is all good. That is what summer is about: staying fit, being active, getting some sun and napping. A lot of

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2 thoughts on “The Next and Final Destination

  1. I’ve never been to the Cape and everyone says it’s the perfect getaway… keep us up to date on what you’re up to! I love to live vicariously through others… you know, normal.


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