Friendly Reminders Thanks to Summer

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Since this summer has been pretty low key, I’ve had a lot of  free time on my hands. Thanks to this newfound freedom in my schedule, I am finally getting back into things I love to do but never have enough time for and expanding new  interests.  There are also some activities I do purely because they calm me down and happen to bring me back to my childhood.

I forgot how much Pinterest had to offer and the large amount of time you can spend on it.  Pinning and browsing has been a lot of fun. I keep finding cool teacher tips or useful things for my future classroom. I keep finding yummy looking gluten free and non-gluten free recipes. Now, when I click on a suggested board I can be on Pinterest for hours. It’s a bad cycle but the good thing is, I don’t have much else I need to do this summer. At some point I need to try starting another personal statement for graduate school but it’s only July 3rd. Writing for me is a breeze.

I discovered how much of a drag Facebook and technology is. If I have a choice, I usually end up reading, writing, doing something outside, or on Pinterest. I don’t really count Pinterest as technology because it taps into my creative side. I also haven’t been watching much TV.  The only show I am caught up on is Orange Is The New Black.

I am spending a lot of time reading blogs. I discovered a lot of blogs written by teachers (thanks Pinterest!) and the blogs I see from the Her Campus Bloggers are really fun reads. It is a cool way for me to see things differently and get a lot of topics thrown at me in a short time. Reading blogs fall under my summer reading category since I don’t consider it a distraction, but something that adds to my summer.

I have also been very gung-ho on reading. Since our trip to Europe, I have picked up multiple books and finished them at a fast pace. I have always been a fast reader. My most recent book I  read was “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. I was probably very late to the game, but I really want to see the movie. I have a strict rule of reading the book first and then watching the movie.

I really can’t complain so far about my summer. I’ve been playing tennis, relaxing and enjoying my time off to the fullest. I am very grateful that college summers start so early. I am expecting some shock once I start working and my summers get shorter. I will cross that bridge when I get to it, for now, I am going to enjoy.

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