Pins I Love

Happy Friday! There were some awesome pins this week on Pinterest! I still can’t get over how many different things I love can be in one place at one time. The Her Campus Blogger Network board is absolutely no exception. While my plans to attend the conference fell through and I am at home for the weekend, I am excited to get the chance to rest and catch up on some sleep from a long week and a very long day. Here are some of my favorites from this week! Enjoy!



October June:

Preach. This article is so important and I am in agreement with basically everything she writes. My favorite is “cry it out”. I feel like a lot of girls try not to cry because it makes them look weak but it is just a way of expressing strong emotions.

The Caro Diaries:

This article is wicked helpful. As a college student I am always thinking about ways to save money on whatever I can. This is an amazing resource.


Fashion Trends 101:

I LOVE nail polish. Since I’ve gotten back into that nasty habit of biting my nails I haven’t gotten a manicure in a while. I am very excited to try out these new colors once they have grown back.


 xo Mia:

I LOVE this post. Everything about it is perfect. From her points about embracing your body to her points about wearing the clothes you want, everything she is saying is 100% accurate.


 Coffee Beans and High Heels:

Fears are huge and it is very important to overcome this. I am beyond inspired by her post about how she overcame her fear! I totally agree when she says how important it is to make an effort to overcome your own fears!

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