About My Blog

“Embrace life with every breath”

Life lessons come to us every day but it’s on us to embrace them and learn to live by them.  There are moments  when life seems tough but it is important to keep those moments in perspective and learn from them.

Being a college student definitely is not an easy experience. There are a lot of ups and downs and at times life can seem like it’s ending. I know this sounds dramatic but that is how college can be sometimes, dramatic and overwhelming. I have developed coping methods throughout the years and have embraced the idea of learning from my experiences. Any experience is one to learn from: from breakups and friend drama to stressful weeks of exams and classes the key thing to keep in mind is how to learn from it, what can you do differently next time to make it easier, and how to avoid it from happening again.

After two and half years of college, I have finally found a way to combine all the things I love doing: writing, photography and giving advice for how to deal with tough situations, especially at this age where every little drama is heightened. Indulge, enjoy and embrace what life throws at you.

My ultimate hope for this blog is that the advice given by someone in college for other college students helps others with any struggles life gives you at this challenging time in our lives. Please let me know if there is a burning issue or topic you want me to write about!


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