#100HappyDays 11-20

With another ten days finished, I am starting to see what people meant when they said they felt happier while doing the #100HappyDays challenge. Follow my other posts from my summer adventures on my Instagram account (link below) and get a play-by-play viewing of my #100HappyDays posts!


Day 11: Turkey Burgers. Since I am gluten free, there are few foods I get excited for. Turkey burgers are one of them. They were especially delicious in the cast-iron pan, which I am sad I don’t have at school. IMG_1186

Day 12: My niece turned one on July 2nd. This was definitely a perfect picture for my #100HappyDays. I can’t believe she is already one. Time really flies. IMG_1200

Day 13: Fireworks. This was the first year we were not in Boston. We went to the club to watch the fireworks from the golf course and they were really beautiful. IMG_1236

Day 14: My niece. She is always a source of amusement and happiness for me. It never fails to amaze me how intrigued children are by keys and things that are not toys. IMG_1244

Day 15: Movie night. On Saturday nights my niece and nephew watch a movie and it is usually an animated one. We happen to have a lot of Disney movies on VHS at our summer house. My throwback to The Lion King 2 was a fun one. IMG_1246

Day 16: Trouble maker. Like I said, it never fails to amuse me how much children like things like computers. IMG_1259

Day 16: The club near our house saved their fireworks until the 6th of July. We watched them on the water which was a totally surreal experience. IMG_1287

Day 17: Back to childhood. This summer I discovered how calming building lego sets is. My nieces and nephews love it because they get to play with them. This bat cave was actually really awesome. IMG_1342

Day 18: A new Iphone. A few days I ago I dropped my phone and the screen smashed. I was living with a phone wrapped in plastic until my new one arrived. It is quite exciting to not be dealing with my broken screen anymore. IMG_1346

Day 19: Movie night. I am a five year old in disguise. It is obviously an excuse to re-watch The Lego Movie. IMG_1372

Day 20: Scrapbooking. I love scrapbooking and basically anything involving crafts. A few weeks ago I went to Michaels and stocked up on all the basics I would need. Today, I am starting the project in one of the most beautiful spots of our house.


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#100happydays 1-10

After ten days of doing #100HappyDays, I definitely feel happier.  Given everything that has been going on in Israel the past few weeks, happiness only helps. When I started getting more skilled at photography I would see things through a lens. #100HappyDays has been a weird extension of that with my IPhone camera. As I wrote in my blog post yesterday, I will be posting my most recent pictures every ten days. Here are my first ten. Follow them more regularly and other pictures of my summer adventures I post at my Instagram account!

Day 1: Salad with grilled strawberries and pecans. This summer I discovered I do much better with lighter dinners. Our experimentation with  different types have been quite delicious. This was a perfect summer salad. 


Day 2: A view of the water from the boat. We have become big boaters in the past year. I love the excursions we take and the views are usually really awesome. 


Day 3: Michaels Scrapbooking Aisle. I love scrapbooking. Like, I am absolutely in love with it. I am finally getting around to making an epic travel scrapbook and obviously a trip to Michaels was necessary. IMG_1137

Day 4: Tea and a book. With all the activity I do, it is nice to just sit back and relax sometimes. In the evenings the light is really beautiful. Chris Bohjalian’s book “The Light in the Ruins” with a cup of tea was a perfect end to my day. 


Day 5: Taza Chocolate. I LOVE chocolate. I might be a little too obsessed. When we got a shipment I was excited for obvious (and good) reasons. A) It’s kosher. B) It’s gluten free. C) It’s absolutely delicious. 


Day 6: Trampoline snapshot. Everyone deserves a chance to revert back to childhood for a few minutes every day. When we got our trampoline installed it was obviously a  photo op. 


Day 7: The tennis court. This is where I spend the most of my day. When it is perfect weather I am in heaven. I feel at home on the court at this point. Absolutely nothing could sour my mood when I am out there. 


Day 8: My nieces and nephew. I love being an aunt. It’s a bonus that I have some really adorable nieces and nephews. When they match though, it’s just too much cuteness. 


Day 9: My niece. Like I said, I love my nieces and nephews to death. 

IMG_1172Day 9: The sunset. It was too beautiful to not take a picture of and it put me in a calm place. I felt two pictures for today were necessary. 


Day 10: Taza Chocolate (vanilla flavored). Chocolate is a vice of mine. A delicious vice.  IMG_1179

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On the first day of summer, I started doing #100happydays. It exploded on my Instagram feed weeks ago and I wanted to see what it was all about. I had initially thought about starting it when we were traveling but decided to wait until I knew I would have time (and the ability) to constantly post pictures.

It seemed like a no-brainer for me. I love Instagram, taking pictures and posting them. This would be a breeze. All I had to do was post my usual summer pictures with a new hashtag? Sounded awesome to me. After 9 days, it has been. It makes me live in the moment and appreciate my life to the fullest. So far, my pictures have been taken with my phone while I’m relaxed and happy. Once or twice I woke up in the morning and think about what my picture could be for the day, but most of the time they are spontaneous and I love that.

I’m glad I started it on the first day of summer. It felt appropriate and I am usually in a much better mood come summer. I am working out more, totally relaxed and embracing what life has to offer. The real reason I started then was so I could have a bench mark for myself. I like starting things when they I am meant to. That is probably why I didn’t sign up to for #100happydays during our trip. It didn’t feel right. When the first day of summer came around, it did.

I am a strong believer in the idea that everything happens at a set time for a specific reason. I also believe that things don’t happen unless they are meant to. On that first day of summer something inside of me clicked and I signed up. So far, #100happydays is a total success. I will be posting the ten most recent images on my blog every ten days, so look out for my first ten tomorrow!