#100HappyDays 11-20

With another ten days finished, I am starting to see what people meant when they said they felt happier while doing the #100HappyDays challenge. Follow my other posts from my summer adventures on my Instagram account (link below) and get a play-by-play viewing of my #100HappyDays posts!


Day 11: Turkey Burgers. Since I am gluten free, there are few foods I get excited for. Turkey burgers are one of them. They were especially delicious in the cast-iron pan, which I am sad I don’t have at school. IMG_1186

Day 12: My niece turned one on July 2nd. This was definitely a perfect picture for my #100HappyDays. I can’t believe she is already one. Time really flies. IMG_1200

Day 13: Fireworks. This was the first year we were not in Boston. We went to the club to watch the fireworks from the golf course and they were really beautiful. IMG_1236

Day 14: My niece. She is always a source of amusement and happiness for me. It never fails to amaze me how intrigued children are by keys and things that are not toys. IMG_1244

Day 15: Movie night. On Saturday nights my niece and nephew watch a movie and it is usually an animated one. We happen to have a lot of Disney movies on VHS at our summer house. My throwback to The Lion King 2 was a fun one. IMG_1246

Day 16: Trouble maker. Like I said, it never fails to amuse me how much children like things like computers. IMG_1259

Day 16: The club near our house saved their fireworks until the 6th of July. We watched them on the water which was a totally surreal experience. IMG_1287

Day 17: Back to childhood. This summer I discovered how calming building lego sets is. My nieces and nephews love it because they get to play with them. This bat cave was actually really awesome. IMG_1342

Day 18: A new Iphone. A few days I ago I dropped my phone and the screen smashed. I was living with a phone wrapped in plastic until my new one arrived. It is quite exciting to not be dealing with my broken screen anymore. IMG_1346

Day 19: Movie night. I am a five year old in disguise. It is obviously an excuse to re-watch The Lego Movie. IMG_1372

Day 20: Scrapbooking. I love scrapbooking and basically anything involving crafts. A few weeks ago I went to Michaels and stocked up on all the basics I would need. Today, I am starting the project in one of the most beautiful spots of our house.


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Summer Necessities and Basics #SummerBloggerChallenge

Since my summer basically consists of playing tennis, writing and reading, my necessities are pretty low. The basics I have in my bag every day and what I use at home are different because I don’t carry my laptop to the courts.  Both are integral parts to my summer. When I first got this prompt weeks ago as part of the #SummerBloggerChallenge my mindset was in a totally different place. I was carrying a bag with my wallet, camera and phone through Europe. Now, my bag is a tennis bag and its contents are quite different than what I typically carry on a daily basis.

My Tennis Bag Contents

My Tennis Bag Contents

A) My tennis racket. My racket has practically become an extension of my arm. I am playing six days a week for three hours at the most and one at the least. I am very active and rely on it.

B) Tennis balls. It’s always good to have a spare set of tennis balls in my bag. I might end up playing a match someone outside of the practices or lessons with the coaches.

C) A spare hat. It gets warm in the Cape. Having a hat in case of an emergency was a trick I learned last year. I rarely wear it but when the weather is brutal it is a great relief from the sun and the hot summer temperatures.

D) Sunscreen. I said it’s hot. I love the Neutrogena spray sunscreen. It is easy to put on and easy to carry. I have a face one also since my skin is pretty sensitive and I don’t think using a spray on my face would do it any good. It is a lifesaver when the sun is beating down on you. The last thing I want is to get sunburned.

E) Wristlet. My Vera Bradley wristlet comes everywhere with me. It has all the basics I would need in an emergency and my keys are attached so I won’t lose them when I move from the courts to the gym or between courts in the clinics.

F) Water bottle. Staying hydrated was always my downfall last year. Now that I have this water bottle from Pink by Victoria’s Secret, it has only been a problem once. They hold more than your regular Poland Spring water bottles, are reusable and it shows my personality.

G) Phone. This is where my entire life lives. I have all my tennis lessons on my ICal. Having it in immediate reach makes it easy when a scheduling question comes up or I need to reach someone about a time change. It also makes me feel better knowing I have a way to contact someone in the rare case I run into car trouble on the ride to or from the club.

My other necessities, which don’t usually go in my tennis bag are my computer so I can write and blog, whatever book I am reading and occasionally the external hard drive with my photos on it. These three things combined with my tennis bag keep me organized and define my summer so far.

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