Pins I Love

Happy Friday! There were some awesome pins this week on Pinterest! I still can’t get over how many different things I love can be in one place at one time. The Her Campus Blogger Network board is absolutely no exception. While my plans to attend the conference fell through and I am at home for the weekend, I am excited to get the chance to rest and catch up on some sleep from a long week and a very long day. Here are some of my favorites from this week! Enjoy!



October June:

Preach. This article is so important and I am in agreement with basically everything she writes. My favorite is “cry it out”. I feel like a lot of girls try not to cry because it makes them look weak but it is just a way of expressing strong emotions.

The Caro Diaries:

This article is wicked helpful. As a college student I am always thinking about ways to save money on whatever I can. This is an amazing resource.


Fashion Trends 101:

I LOVE nail polish. Since I’ve gotten back into that nasty habit of biting my nails I haven’t gotten a manicure in a while. I am very excited to try out these new colors once they have grown back.


 xo Mia:

I LOVE this post. Everything about it is perfect. From her points about embracing your body to her points about wearing the clothes you want, everything she is saying is 100% accurate.


 Coffee Beans and High Heels:

Fears are huge and it is very important to overcome this. I am beyond inspired by her post about how she overcame her fear! I totally agree when she says how important it is to make an effort to overcome your own fears!

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Weekly Pinterest Loves

Earlier this week, I joined the Her Campus Blogger Network Pinterest board. It has been so much fun. It’s like my Pinterest experience has gotten much more creative and the scope has widened. Seeing all the different articles the fantastic bloggers post is nearly impossible with just our Facebook page. With the Pinterest board I can see them much easier and can sort through what they are writing about.

I have seen some bloggers in the network do weekly posts talking about posts they loved that week and things along those lines. I have been interested in starting a similar thing myself but the combination of my trip through Europe and settling back into a summer routine, I am just getting around to it now. When I joined the Pinterest board, I got a good idea. I would post pins I love and try and get one from each “category” so to speak: fitness and health, technology, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and a random one I really liked. Here are the five I found today for my first of what will hopefully be many weekly posts with great articles!

Technology: This week’s pick comes from Briana Luca, blogger for Royally Pink! This list is a huge help and I am definitely going to check these apps out!

Lifestyle: This week’s post comes from and was pinned by Fashion Trends 101! These hacks for Starbucks drinks are awesome!

Fitness and Health: This week’s pick comes from Strength and Sunshine. I can totally relate to these sentiments!

Beauty: This pick is from Slashed Beauty. I am always in the market for new makeup!

Random: Another post from! These types of articles is what I am all for! College is tough but this article gives great tips on how to manage your freshman year! Thanks Fashion Trends 101 for this pin!