Weekly Pinterest Loves

Two weeks ago I got an idea to do a weekly post on Pins I liked from the Her Campus Bloggers Network Pinterest board. I kind of dropped the ball  last Friday so here are the ones I found last week (that I forgot to post) and some I found this week!


Random Ones I Loved: 

http://coffeebeansandhighheels.weebly.com/organization/my-planner-erin-condren-splurge from Coffee Beans and High Heels. I am a total freak about organizing and I have accepted the fact I will need to use a planner this coming year. Between my four school clubs and student teaching, it will be the one thing keeping me sane. This is great inspiration for me!

http://coffeebeansandhighheels.weebly.com/randomness/my-summer-essentials from Coffee Beans and High Heels. I am also taking part in the #SummerBloggerChallenge and her take on the prompt was unexpected but really inspirational. I agree with most of this list.


http://sartorialspice.com/2014/06/25/june-2014-julep-box/ from Satorial Spice. Seeing her review of the Julep box was such a happy coincidence! I have been contemplating ordering one and trying it for a while. This review encouraged me to try the free first box.


http://alellzey.blogspot.com/2014/06/five-ways-to-relax-after-work.html from Because I Said So. This totally speaks to my mood everyday when I get home from class. I’m sure I will be utilizing some or all of these tips once the school year starts and I fall back into my crazy busy schedule.

http://thesls.blogspot.com/2014/07/6-reasons-i-deleted-you-from-facebook.html?showComment=1404313628641 from The Student’s Lifestyle. I love this post. This is a constant debate for me: to delete or not to delete. Her reasons for deleting were 100% spot on!


http://www.mynewestaddiction.com/2014/05/chocolate-peanut-butter-smoothie-recipe.html from My Newest Addiction. This looks AWESOME. I can’t eat peanut butter but I can imagine alternative nut butters that would totally work. A hazelnut butter and chocolate smoothie is basically Nutella in liquid form.

http://keepingupwithcourtney.weebly.com/food/eating-healthy-while-dining-out-part-i-tips-from-a-waitress from Keeping Up With Courtney Lynn. This is a constant struggle. My friends at school love eating out for birthdays or just to take a break from cooking. I am worried about how it would work while gluten free, kosher and picky but her amazing advice helps.


http://mediajunkiejungle.com/2014/07/02/how-do-you-know-if-you-are-a-successful-blogger/ from Media Junkie Jungle. Preach. Since I started blogging there is always a part of me that questions if I am successful and giving people things they want to read. I’m glad to know I am not the only one and her definition of a successful blogger is great.

http://www.colormebrave.com/2014/06/free-stock-photos.html from Color Me Brave. The hardest part is definitely picking pictures if I don’t have any that work. This list is a lifesaver.


http://www.thepreppyscientist.com/2014/07/infused-water-recipes.html from The Preppy Scientist. This summer I have been experimenting with homemade flavored water and sports drinks. I am definitely trying some of these!


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Writing 101: Writing off Prompts to Create Blogs

writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2While I was traveling, I read about a course called Writing 101 from the Daily Post. Since I was new to blogging and the course was advertised as a way to create a writing habit and generate  more content, I signed up. Once it began and the prompts and twists were released, they looked a lot like the prompts I was given in my fiction classes. I love writing, especially creative writing, but it took time for me to link creative and non-fiction writing to make a blog post.

The fact that you don’t need to publicize them all, can mix and match the prompts and twists and you can make the prompts whatever you want keeps me entertained. Since it’s a lot of free writing I can stretch my creative writing muscles. A lot of the posts don’t make it past my Scrivener document but some of the very good ones or posts I feel relate to what I write about get published. Throughout the course I’ve found ways to twist a lot of them into blog posts that work for my page. There are even some free write ones I published because I liked how they came out.

I don’t know if the Writing 101 program really helped me develop a blogging habit. It has done one thing though: given me a lot of content. I’m generating a lot of writing in one week. In contrast to when I started blogging and I only had one or two posts a week, now I never have a shortage. I have multiple drafts waiting to be published and a lot of ideas in the works. Writing 101 also showed me I don’t necessarily like working off set prompts. A lot of my stronger posts come from inspirations I pull from conversations or things I read.

However, there is something really nice about having a common community. All the writers who are doing it occasionally post their responses and will inspire me or move me to write in a new style. While I think the advertising for Writing 101 was slightly off in what it actually achieves, I am grateful for doing it and love all the new and interesting content I am developing. I also am thankful to see I haven’t totally lost my ability to write fiction.

Scrivener As A Blogging Tool

I started using Microsoft Word in sixth grade when I started getting serious research papers. I would write my research on index cards, outline the paper on Word and then write it. I stuck with Word through high school and through college. I have multiple folders with Word Documents dating back to high school, maybe even earlier. My mom, however, has been a huge fan of Scrivener since I can remember. She uses it for NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, notes on lectures she listens to, for her course she took on eating psychology and to organize materials for her website and blog. She has been encouraging me to try it and insisting I would love it.

I kept going back to Word, a program I was familiar with and had mastered to the point that I liked using it. Yes, I like using Word. While we were chatting over a meal this vacation, I mentioned that I keep all my posts in one Word document and work on them there. It was a system that was working and I really enjoyed it. She insisted again, after months of saying nothing, to try Scrivener.

Finally, yesterday, while spending our day relaxing on the porch of our room I installed it on my MacBook Air. It just shows you how much I actually use it if I didn’t move it over when I got my new computer months ago. Now that I am using it, I actually regret not listening to my mom earlier . I already feel slightly more organized about what I have going on and can sort through my posts. I don’t need to scroll through pages and pages of posts to see if there is one I haven’t posted yet. I can put my ideas in one section, unpublished posts or drafts in another and then published posts in another with the date.

I can have pages with things that go into each post, pages to make note of the individual pages on my blog, just making these lists of what this wonderful application can do makes me giddy. I don’t know why I didn’t listen to her earlier. I am writing my blog posts in Scrivener now and I am excited to learn all about it’s capacities it has. I might even organize my pieces of writing into Scrivener posts over the summer and work on getting rid of some files on my computer. I might even start writing more once I learn how to use this application to it’s fullest as a writing tool.

For now, I am going to milk it for all it’s worth with my blog posts. I am so excited about it I wanted to share it with the world and tell everyone about it’s usefulness. I also might be very behind on the times and one of the last people to know this, if that is the case, I am just glad I discovered it. A+ Scivener, you made a great application.


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