Weekly Pinterest Loves

Two weeks ago I got an idea to do a weekly post on Pins I liked from the Her Campus Bloggers Network Pinterest board. I kind of dropped the ball  last Friday so here are the ones I found last week (that I forgot to post) and some I found this week!


Random Ones I Loved: 

http://coffeebeansandhighheels.weebly.com/organization/my-planner-erin-condren-splurge from Coffee Beans and High Heels. I am a total freak about organizing and I have accepted the fact I will need to use a planner this coming year. Between my four school clubs and student teaching, it will be the one thing keeping me sane. This is great inspiration for me!

http://coffeebeansandhighheels.weebly.com/randomness/my-summer-essentials from Coffee Beans and High Heels. I am also taking part in the #SummerBloggerChallenge and her take on the prompt was unexpected but really inspirational. I agree with most of this list.


http://sartorialspice.com/2014/06/25/june-2014-julep-box/ from Satorial Spice. Seeing her review of the Julep box was such a happy coincidence! I have been contemplating ordering one and trying it for a while. This review encouraged me to try the free first box.


http://alellzey.blogspot.com/2014/06/five-ways-to-relax-after-work.html from Because I Said So. This totally speaks to my mood everyday when I get home from class. I’m sure I will be utilizing some or all of these tips once the school year starts and I fall back into my crazy busy schedule.

http://thesls.blogspot.com/2014/07/6-reasons-i-deleted-you-from-facebook.html?showComment=1404313628641 from The Student’s Lifestyle. I love this post. This is a constant debate for me: to delete or not to delete. Her reasons for deleting were 100% spot on!


http://www.mynewestaddiction.com/2014/05/chocolate-peanut-butter-smoothie-recipe.html from My Newest Addiction. This looks AWESOME. I can’t eat peanut butter but I can imagine alternative nut butters that would totally work. A hazelnut butter and chocolate smoothie is basically Nutella in liquid form.

http://keepingupwithcourtney.weebly.com/food/eating-healthy-while-dining-out-part-i-tips-from-a-waitress from Keeping Up With Courtney Lynn. This is a constant struggle. My friends at school love eating out for birthdays or just to take a break from cooking. I am worried about how it would work while gluten free, kosher and picky but her amazing advice helps.


http://mediajunkiejungle.com/2014/07/02/how-do-you-know-if-you-are-a-successful-blogger/ from Media Junkie Jungle. Preach. Since I started blogging there is always a part of me that questions if I am successful and giving people things they want to read. I’m glad to know I am not the only one and her definition of a successful blogger is great.

http://www.colormebrave.com/2014/06/free-stock-photos.html from Color Me Brave. The hardest part is definitely picking pictures if I don’t have any that work. This list is a lifesaver.


http://www.thepreppyscientist.com/2014/07/infused-water-recipes.html from The Preppy Scientist. This summer I have been experimenting with homemade flavored water and sports drinks. I am definitely trying some of these!


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Social Media Ranking of One Through Six

In today’s modern society, everything is very focused on social media. When I started my blog, I quickly discovered that a Facebook Page, using my Pinterest page and Twitter account would only help me get more views. There are positions for social media in many jobs and even on campus organizations. I am no stranger to social media. I love my Facebook page, I love having a Twitter account and my Instagram account is one I absolutely cannot live without.

I love having a constant connection to my friends in multiple forms and as soon as I discovered Instagram a few summers ago I thought I was in love. When my Instagram account got shut down, I still don’t know why, when we were in London I made a new one. I am now in the process of recreating my Instagram account I had and my onslaught of pictures from our trip helped that happen. I also discovered that there are some other very cool photo apps. I have been making a mental ranking of social media sites in my head with the pros and cons of them for a while now. I don’t think the rankings I made will in any way effect how I use them but it might help me validate why.

1. Instagram – even given my current love-hate relationship with Instagram ever since my original account is not accessible, I still love it. I really like the fact that it is a photo sharing app, I can play with filters and posts can be whatever you want them to be. The photographer in me lives for it.

2. UltraVisual – this is a new app I discovered when my Instagram account crashed in London. You can share pictures, put captions, write on them, play with filters, edit them to your hearts content and you can collaborate on different boards. The boards are all different themes, customized and unique. It is super fun and there are some pretty fantastic photographers on there. It is definitely a new favorite and I plan to explore it a lot more over the summer.

3. Twitter – it keeps me up to date with what is going on in the world and lets me follow different celebrities. It is fun exploring it and while I don’t tweet all the time, it’s a great way for me to get headlines from newspapers and constant updates about happenings in the world.

4. Pinterest – this site has basically everything I would ever need in my life. I love that thumbnails are images and the basis behind it is that anyone can use it for something. I love having different boards and can spend hours pinning teaching tips, photographs and DIY projects. I love it and I will voluntarily spend hours on the site.

5. Facebook – I honestly find it very creepy and I can be a major stalker on there, I will be the first to admit it. While I think it’s fun and a good way to stay updated on what is going on in people’s lives. It is a weird blend of information on people I see daily and people I haven’t seen in years. I used to think it was more fun in high school. Now I get bored by it after a few minutes of browsing.

6. Snapchat – I’ll be honest, I don’t get it. I don’t get the appeal of it. I have one, and I use it maybe every month, but I don’t understand it. I get confused by who is sending mass messages and who isn’t. I might just be clueless about it, but it’s not so easy to understand. I also don’t see the difference between Snapchat and Instagram direct messages.

These six social media apps are the ones I really use. Of course there are others given how modern our society is now  but I really struggle to understand them. I don’t get why Google+ is so big. LinkdIn makes sense but it is very business geared. I guess Tinder counts as social media but I also think it’s a weird way to date and the appeal is clearly lost on me. As a blogger and a college student in today’s age, social media is huge. These sites have become our second way of life and connections to the people in our lives. I have learned to live with them, but I don’t think I will ever come to love every single one of them.


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Friends or Acquaintances?

Earlier this morning over breakfast, my parents and I got into a discussion about what it means to have friends.  The conversation stemmed from an earlier question my niece asked: is man meant to have friends? After the conversation between my parents and myself, I thought about what the word friends mean and how people’s definitions and uses of it affects our society.

With Facebook a lot of us have friends.  Most of us have friends we either don’t talk to very often, or haven’t seen or spoken to in years. I am guilty of this, and I know other people are too. I personally have over 1,000 “friends” on Facebook, I talk to maybe, MAYBE, 200 of them on a semi-regular basis. Now, this isn’t a good thing or a bad thing. It does make me think about what someone means when they say they are friends with this person; are they acquaintances, close friends, work colleagues? No one uses these specific terms in casual conversation, especially in college, so I am still left this with hanging question of what does it mean to be friends with someone.

I see the merits in calling everyone a friend; it’s simpler and moves the conversation along. My mom made the point that in today’s era, the word “friends” has become an umbrella for every human interaction you have. I actively try to differentiate between acquaintances, someone I know through class and my close friends. It gets tiring and I can forget sometimes.

However, I had never thought about how much pressure this word puts on kids in younger grades. With my hope of becoming an elementary school teacher, thinking about the effect it has on a first grader when you say friend was astounding. What do they consider a friend? If their teacher makes it seem like such a big deal to their parents that a child doesn’t have friends, how does that child feel? In high school groups and cliques exist so people don’t feel lonely. It’s a little absurd when I think about it now, three years into college, but it’s very true. Think Mean Girls.

The college experience is one where you hang out with the people you see and have common interests in. For the longest time during my freshman year, I felt a huge amount of pressure to seek out friends and people to hang out with. I never really thought about the fact that they would come to me naturally once I got involved on campus. I know that now that I am starting my senior year in the fall. I can confidently call the people I live with, the people I sat next to in class everyday, and the people I work with on the various clubs and organizations on campus my friends. Everyone else I like to put them in another umbrella: acquaintances.

I still wonder how this can be explained to a first grader, but for now, I will be satisfied with my group of closer friends I have common interests with and a large amount of acquaintances or former classmates on Facebook.