Tasty Tuesdays: Homemade Sports Drink

Since I am an avid tennis player and love working out during the summer I need constant hydration. It is key to get  the electrolytes and sugar to restore my energy so I don’t get dehydrated on the courts when it’s 80 degrees out. Last summer, I was drinking Vitamin Water.  After discovering how terrible Vitamin Water is for you my mom told me I couldn’t bring it into the house. I needed to come up with a health, homemade alternative that would do the same thing. What I came up with is pretty delicious and very easy to make. I am sharing my homemade sports drink recipe for the #SummerBloggerChallenge and the first of what I hope will be a weekly post called “Tasty Tuesdays”. For a long time I have wanted to do a weekly recipe and this is the perfect opportunity to start.

Homemade Sports Drink: 

Take Note: this recipe will fill a 100 ml size bottle.


1/3 cup pureed strawberries (to do this blend strawberries together in a Vitamix until smooth. Just strawberries.)

3 1/2 cups of cold water

1/4 cup hot water

1/4 teaspoon salt

2/3 cups orange juice (fresh or bottled)


1. Dissolve the salt in the hot water. Once it fully dissolves, pour it into the water bottle of your choice.

2. Add the pureed strawberries

3. Add the cold water

4. Add the orange juice

5. Shake the bottle until all contents are mixed. Make sure the top is closed tightly so nothing will leak out.

6. Put in the fridge to chill until ready to drink. If you want you can add ice to keep it cold.

7. Enjoy before, during or after  your workout!


If you try it, I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if any cool tweaks or flavors are totally awesome! Keep an eye out for another recipe next week!

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Friendly Reminders Thanks to Summer

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Since this summer has been pretty low key, I’ve had a lot of  free time on my hands. Thanks to this newfound freedom in my schedule, I am finally getting back into things I love to do but never have enough time for and expanding new  interests.  There are also some activities I do purely because they calm me down and happen to bring me back to my childhood.

I forgot how much Pinterest had to offer and the large amount of time you can spend on it.  Pinning and browsing has been a lot of fun. I keep finding cool teacher tips or useful things for my future classroom. I keep finding yummy looking gluten free and non-gluten free recipes. Now, when I click on a suggested board I can be on Pinterest for hours. It’s a bad cycle but the good thing is, I don’t have much else I need to do this summer. At some point I need to try starting another personal statement for graduate school but it’s only July 3rd. Writing for me is a breeze.

I discovered how much of a drag Facebook and technology is. If I have a choice, I usually end up reading, writing, doing something outside, or on Pinterest. I don’t really count Pinterest as technology because it taps into my creative side. I also haven’t been watching much TV.  The only show I am caught up on is Orange Is The New Black.

I am spending a lot of time reading blogs. I discovered a lot of blogs written by teachers (thanks Pinterest!) and the blogs I see from the Her Campus Bloggers are really fun reads. It is a cool way for me to see things differently and get a lot of topics thrown at me in a short time. Reading blogs fall under my summer reading category since I don’t consider it a distraction, but something that adds to my summer.

I have also been very gung-ho on reading. Since our trip to Europe, I have picked up multiple books and finished them at a fast pace. I have always been a fast reader. My most recent book I  read was “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. I was probably very late to the game, but I really want to see the movie. I have a strict rule of reading the book first and then watching the movie.

I really can’t complain so far about my summer. I’ve been playing tennis, relaxing and enjoying my time off to the fullest. I am very grateful that college summers start so early. I am expecting some shock once I start working and my summers get shorter. I will cross that bridge when I get to it, for now, I am going to enjoy.

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Here’s To Summer! #SummerBloggerChallenge

This summer, along with my usual blog posts, I will post some summer themed ones! I am joining a bunch of other amazing bloggers in the #SummerBloggerChallenge hosted by Charlotte, blogger for Velvet and Vinyls. I am very excited to share these amazing topics with you and I would definitely suggest checking out some of the other bloggers who are taking part in it!

Since today is the first official day of summer, I’ve been thinking about what I want to accomplish.  Aside from playing tennis, working out and really enjoying my summer, which I have already talked about a few times on here, there are other goals. Tennis and fitness are the big ones for me but by now they have become part of my routine. I started thinking about things I can do that are outside of my routine, unique or would push my comfortable limits.

  • Do some cool DIY projects. I have a whole list on Pinterest I haven’t had the time to do but this summer I really want to find the time. I think I still have two un-opened Darby Smart boxes and if my memory serves me right, they were both really awesome.
  • Finally sort through pictures. I have thousands of pictures from this past semester alone. Between my photography independent study and the trip we took at the end of May, there are so many pictures I need to sort through more carefully. I want to get some printed and put them on my walls. What better time than the summer?
  • Write more fiction. I feel like I beat a dead horse when I say this every summer. I love writing fiction but I can never bring myself to actually sit down and just write. Now that I am in the habit of sitting down to write for my blog, it might actually happen but I think I’ll still need to give myself that extra little push to generate fiction.
  • Make a travel scrapbook. Since we went to Japan, I have been collecting memorabilia from places we have travelled in the hopes of making this grand and awesome scrapbook of our trips. It’s not unreasonable. I discovered it is actually a lot of fun to scrapbook and I become very calm when doing it.  I am a little more motivated to do it this summer than I was in the past. Now I just need to research if there is an AC Moore or Michaels near me.
  • Detach from my devices.  This is always a major struggle for me, and a subject of a blog post in the near future. I really want to push myself to keep my devices away from me for a whole day and enjoy doing things that doesn’t involve my phone or computer. The scenery and life on the Cape is so calming and slow paced, but when I am on my phone I am the opposite. I want to challenge myself to see if I can get into the slow paced lifestyle, at least for one day.
  • Learn to love the beach (maybe). I have never been a fan of the beach. I don’t remember liking it as a child, and I really dislike it now. However, the beaches in Cape Cod are really beautiful. The sand is a perfect texture and it is usually slightly cooler with the breeze. I don’t know if it’s the sand on my wet feet or when it gets everywhere that bothers me most. I have never enjoyed going into the water, getting wet then relaxing on the sand, but I love walking at the beach and taking pictures.  I would like to learn to love it. Maybe this summer will be the year.
  • Read more. I always forget how much I love reading during the school year. As soon as I pick up the first book that is not required, I fall back in love with reading. I want to discover new books and spend time with them this summer. I want to read blogs and get into the habit of picking up a book for a little bit (even when I am totally swamped with work come the fall).
  • Start #100HappyDays. I have seen so many friends do it and I’ve been seriously meaning to for a while now. I feel like this is quickly becoming my go-to excuse but I couldn’t find the time to start it while I was traveling.  Starting on the first day of summer feels exceptionally appropriate and I can’t wait to see the impact it has on me as a person. It will probably also be the subject of many blog posts.
  • Start graduate school applications. I am always a fan of getting ahead on work. This next year is going to be a massive whirlwind of job applications, graduate school applications, interviews and more! Whatever I can start now will only help me come November when first deadlines are approaching.

I don’t think any of these goals are totally unattainable. I also have a feeling if I succeed in doing some of these I will ultimately avoid being on my device all the time. A lot of these are creatively geared and I love projects. One larger goal for this summer is to get my right brain working more than my left. Here’s to hoping and to a productive and creative summer!

embrace once in a lifetime sunsets like this...

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